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Enhanced Behavior Support Services

What is Enhanced Behavior Support Services

Enhanced Behavior Support Services (EBSS) was created for students who are unable to participate in their current educational setting due to interfering behaviors, and a long-term placement is not available. We provide an environment where these behaviors can be effectively addressed and the student can continue to learn and grow.

Our goal is to improve the behavior to the point where the student can be transitioned back to a less restrictive environment.

We partner with school districts to provide the highest quality of support for each child. We support a student's individual needs with compassion, while delivering high quality intervention.

How It Works



Since 2021, over 40 school districts on Long Island have placed students with us. We provide services to at least 40 students every year ranging in age from 5-22. We require a school district application and a parent application to begin the process.



The intake process, which consists of a record review, an observation at the student's current placement, a screening at one of our centers, and a parent interview/tour is conducted after applications are received. Once the intake is complete, we notify the school district if the student would be a good fit for services within 1-2 days, and services can begin within a few weeks, depending on availability. Students typically start with 2 BIS providers and fade to 1 provider as progress is demonstrated.

Transportation is provided by the school district and students are in session from 9am - 3pm, Monday - Friday. We also offer OT, PT, ST, CSL, and Parent Training at our facilities.



The period of time a student receives services at our EBSS locations can vary depending on the presenting needs. Some students will transition after several weeks, while others will transition after several months. Many students transition to less restrictive, out-of-district placements including BOCES, while some transition back to their district, and others to residential placement. Our team is always available to help with all transitions.

Other Important Information To Know

  • IEP is written to provide Home Instruction at an alternate location (our facility)
  • IEP includes six hours of behavior intervention services per day
  • Special Instruction may be provided by a Special Educator
  • Related therapeutic services (SLP, OT, PT, etc.) are provided both through a consultation model and direct services
  • Providers work directly with behavior technicians to provide ongoing support. These behavior technicians are supervised by licensed behavior analysts
  • Parent training is available and is highly recommended


  • What is the cost of services?

    The cost of the EBSS services are based on the rates agreed between Kidz Educational Services and the school district. We can assist you in finding the specific rate by reviewing the rate sheet with you.

  • How many students can receive services at each center?

    Each center can provide services for 16-18 students at a time. Each school year we provide services for a minimum of 40 students, with that number growing each year, especially with the opening of our Farmingdale location in September 2023 and our new facility in Hawthorne, NY, which opened in June 2024.

  • What ages are the students you provide services for?

    We provide services for school-age students; 5-22 years old. The profiles of our students are always changing but we do typically have a range.

  • How long is the intake process?

    Once we've received the school district application, we inquire about setting up the observation and once we've received the parent application (or minimally, their contact information), we reach out to them to schedule the screening and the parent interview/tour within a couple of days. For both the observation and the screening, we attempt to schedule them within a week or two of the initial inquiry, however, this can be delayed due to factors outside of our control such as parent availability.

    The observation at the current placement is usually an hour and if possible, it's preferable to speak to the student's current team at this time.

    Most parents prefer to schedule the screening and the interview/tour on the same day. This entire visit is usually about an hour.

  • Can a school district representative attend the screening at the center?

    Yes, school district representatives are always welcome and encouraged to join. We can also schedule a tour of our facilities at your convenience.

  • How quickly can a student begin receiving services?

    Once the intake is complete, we notify the school district if the student would be a good fit for services within 1-2 days. If a spot is available, we will provide an anticipated start date, which may be as soon as the next week or it could be several weeks depending on several variables including staffing, availability, transportation, etc. If no spots are available (we are at capacity), we'll see if any spots are available at one of the other centers and/or add the student to our waitlist.

  • Can students only receive services at the center closest to their school district?

    No, students can receive services at any of our facilities (pending availability), however, we do recommend exploring the closest option for transportation purposes.

  • Who is responsible for transportation?

    The school district is responsible for transportation.

  • How long do students receive services at the centers?

    Students receive services at the center for varying amounts of time due to several variables. The shortest duration that a student received services was two weeks while other students have been receiving services for several years. On average, most students receive services from us for approximately a year.

    Some students begin receiving services while they are on a waitlist for another long-term placement, making the duration of services short. Some students are ready to transition to a less restrictive environment but continue to receive services with us until they are accepted with a start date which can prolong services. Other students do require our intensive levels of support for longer periods of time until they are ready to transition.

  • Where do most students transition to after receiving services at your location?

    Most students transition to less restrictive out-of-district placements, including BOCES. Approximately 10% of students transition back to the school district and approximately 10% transition to residential placement.

  • Do you help with the transition out?

    Yes, we offer to assist with all students who are transitioning to new placements. If a student is transitioning back to the school district, we provide outlined plans and can share this with you, if you are exploring this option.

Our Enhanced Behavior Support Services Locations

  • Islandia

    1737 Veterans Memorial Hwy
    Islandia, NY

  • New Hyde Park

    2341 New Hyde Park Rd
    New Hyde Park, NY

  • Farmingdale

    500 Bi-County Blvd, #300
    Farmingdale, NY

  • Hawthorne

    5 Skyline Drive
    Hawthorne, NY 10532

    Coming Summer 2024

Meet Our EBSS Directors

  • Islandia

    Matthew Santorufo


    Director of Enhanced Behavior Support Services at Islandia

  • New Hyde Park

    Jackie Tenenzaph


    Director of Enhanced Behavior Support Services at New Hyde Park

  • Farmingdale

    Jessica Giovanniello


    Director of Enhanced Behavior Support Services at Farmingdale

  • Hawthorne

    Tobey Lass


    Director of Enhanced Behavior Support Services at Hawthorne

Contact Us

For more information about our Enhanced Behavior Support Services, send us a message.

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