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Anxiety Therapy & Treatment for Kids

Anxiety is common in people of all ages, and can significantly impact their daily lives as well as their overall well-being. Fortunately, there are effective treatments available that can help those with anxiety manage their symptoms and lead fulfilling lives.

If you are looking for information or help for you or your child in New York, Family of Kidz can help by providing information, counseling, support groups, and educational resources. Keep reading to learn more about anxiety and relevant treatments.

How Anxiety is the Bully in the Brain for Children

Anxiety can be a bully in the brain for children because it can cause them to feel excessive worry and fear. Kids with anxiety can suffer unfavorable effects on their day-to-day lives. These negative repercussions can be seen through varied methods, such as refusal to participate or collaborate in school, insecurity associated with separation, and physical signs.

Physical symptoms can include stomach aches or headaches as well as difficulty sleeping, concentrating, and interacting with others. Additionally, kids can have trouble nodding off, focusing, and joining with others; so parents need to be aware of the signs and get expert help if they believe their child is experiencing anxiety. The most common treatment methods include medication and counseling.

When is Anxiety a Problem for a Child?

Anxiety can be a problem for a child when it starts to interfere with their daily lives and their ability to function in regular settings. Some common symptoms of anxiety include:

  • Difficulty sleeping or having nightmares
  • Difficulty concentrating or completing daily tasks
  • Refusing to go to regular environments, such as school or other normal locations
  • Avoiding social situations or previously enjoyable activities
  • Inappropriately excessive worry or fear for the age of the child

If your child is experiencing any of these symptoms, getting professional help to assess them and provide a diagnosis is important. These are the first steps in developing a treatment plan that may include medication or therapy. However, it is important to remember that some level of anxiety is normal, especially in times of stress or during transitions, like starting school or moving to a new home.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Children with Anxiety?

CBT is psychotherapy that is used to help children and adults with anxiety. It is based on the idea that our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are interconnected. Moreover, by changing our thoughts and behaviors, it is possible to change how we feel.

When engaged in CBT, your child will work with the therapist to identify the negative thoughts and beliefs that are causing them anxiety. With this knowledge, the therapist helps the child to learn new ways of thinking and behaving that can reduce the level of anxiety that the child experiences. Common techniques used in CBT for children with anxiety are:

  • Relaxation techniques, such as progressive muscle relaxation and deep breathing
  • Exposure therapy, where the child is slowly exposed to the things they are afraid of
  • Problem-solving, where the child is taught how to identify and solve problems that contribute to their anxiety
  • Thought-stopping, where the child is taught how to recognize and interrupt negative thoughts

Typically, CBT occurs through 12 to 16 individual therapy sessions; however, every situation is unique. CBT is a very effective tool in reducing anxiety symptoms and can benefit children as young as seven years old.

Treatment for Anxiety Disorders in Children

When it comes to children with anxiety disorders, most treatments involve therapy and medication. However, it is important to note that the specific treatment approach depends upon the child's needs and the severity of the symptoms. Common treatments include:

  • CBT to help with overall functioning.
  • Medication, such as antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications, reduces symptoms. These medications must be used in conjunction with therapy.
  • Family therapy can help families understand and support the child with anxiety. These sessions can help parents learn the skills needed to help in managing anxiety symptoms at home.
  • Relaxation techniques, including meditation and mindfulness, can help children become increasingly aware of their thoughts and feelings and their impact on their physical symptoms.
  • Exposure therapy can help children with anxiety face their fears, which may help reduce their anxiety regarding these fears.

Where to Get Help for Anxiety in Children in New York

If you are looking for help for your child in New York state, you can start by talking to your child's pediatrician or a mental health professional. You can also reach out to organizations specializing in helping children with anxiety, such as Family of Kidz. We provide mental health counseling and support services for children, teens, adults, and families. We offer individual and group therapy.

Family of Kidz is Here to Help Children in New York

Family of Kidz is a great resource to help children, teens, and adults with anxiety. We offer a range of services to support anyone looking for mental health counseling. If you are looking for support for your child or yourself, contact Family of Kidz.

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