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August 11, 2023

It's Back To School Time - How To Stay Organized

Back to school is upon us, and although it may garner feelings of excitement for some, it can also bring a whole set of challenges to your family life - early mornings, new routines, homework, after school activities, etc. Staying organized is essential for a child’s success in school, as well as maintaining a balanced home life. So, whether this is your child’s first year of school or their last, these school organization tips and ideas can help smooth the transition back to school:

Set up a Homework Station - whether it’s a desk in your child’s room or a portable caddy on your kitchen table, have it stocked with school supplies so that all the homework essentials are in one neat spot. Set up a routine each day with a designated time and place for homework. Maybe it’s a quick snack then homework time, or 30 minutes of play before they dive into the books - whatever it is, find a routine and schedule that works best with your family.

Create a Family Calendar - hang a monthly calendar in a place where all can see. Set some time every week to review future assignments with your child and add them together to the calendar to assist with time management and future planning. You can also add after-school activities and other important upcoming events. If you have multiple children, try assigning colors for each child (i.e., Tom’s assignments/activities written in blue, Mary’s assignments/activities written in red).

Designate a “School Drop Zone” - nothing is worse than those mornings when you sleep through the alarm, burn the toast, the bus is beeping outside, and then you hear the dreaded, “I can’t find my backpack!” Designate a specific area in your house where your kids can leave all of their daily essentials - backpack, lunchbox, band instrument, etc. A backpack hook or even a wicker basket near the front door can make all the difference.

Color Coding - help your child keep their work and materials organized. Use a different color for each subject (ex: red for math, blue for reading, etc.). Color coded folders, notebooks, binders, and bins make it so much easier for a child to find and complete their assignments and will help eliminate the stress of misplacing their work.

Create a Parent “Inbox” - design a system for managing all incoming school papers. Teach your child the routine of putting all permission slips, tests to be signed, notes from their teacher, or any homework that needs to be checked into a parent paper tray. This can also be used to store any school lunch menus, school calendars etc.

Back to school doesn’t have to be stressful! With some planning and organizational systems in place, your child and family can find success managing the many demands of school.

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