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April 25, 2023

Early Support & Long Term Development

Originally Published Thursday, Apr 1, 2021, at 4:00 pm on

The early years are the critical years for our children, especially when a child is diagnosed with a disability that can make it difficult to reach their full potential without support. Research shows that the earlier children get the support they need, the more time they have to build the foundational skills for a life of achievement.

Family of Kidz Special Needs Support

At Family of Kidz, we have the opportunity to work with learners of all ages. Progress for children of all ages is our goal; however, time and time again we see that therapy in the early years jump-starts our children’s ability to learn and succeed both in and out of the educational setting. Services with Family of Kidz can begin as early as 18 months and grow with your child through the school years into adulthood.

April is World Autism Awareness Month

April is World Autism Awareness Month and as it approaches it is important to learn how getting services started at an early age can improve your child’s quality of life overall. Applied Behavior Analysis is a methodology of teaching that using evidence-based and scientific processes for educating children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. When working with young learners, our team uses a combination of ABA principles and natural environment teaching to work on a broad spectrum of skills. Kidz ABA is a program that utilizes Licensed Behavior Analysts and Registered Behavior Technicians to work on individualized programming in the home or community setting. ABA teams work diligently to find programming that is the most beneficial for the child’s day-to-day life and works closely with families to generalize newly learned skills. The comprehensive model of ABA can be from 15- 40 hours of services a week. This Kidz ABA team works personally with the families to create a schedule that is effective for the child and family.

Family of Kidz Can Benefit Children

Kidz ABA can benefit children from early diagnosis through adulthood. As we approach World Autism Awareness Month, let us remember the benefits that starting services at a young age can have. Our team at Kidz ABA can teach communication skills, activities of daily living skills, academics, leisure, and social skills that will set a strong foundation for a child’s success over their critical years of development. With the correct support, our little learners have the chance to have big opportunities.

Keri Strejlau, M.S.Ed, BCBA, LBA

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