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December 5, 2023

Be Kind: How to Practice Kindness | Family of Kidz

February is often acknowledged for Valentine’s Day, the month of love! So, let’s celebrate by showing your little love how to engage in acts of kindness!

Here are some fun activities for your child to engage in acts of kindness at home.

Help out with chores - Give young children simple tasks to do. Most children love to feel helpful and important. Choose age-appropriate chores that they can accomplish, like putting their shoes away, helping to set the table (for younger kids, use paper plates, utensils, etc.). Make sure that their efforts are well recognized and give them praise for a job well done.

Create a letter with your child to send to someone special - You can write a letter or draw a special picture for a family member, friend, or teacher, and send it to them!

Make sweet treats - Yum! Creating a meal or baked treats for someone special is fun, yummy, and a great learning experience for your little one.

HUGS! If you and your child enjoy hugs, practice giving some extra special hugs that can include words of affirmation!

All these ideas provide learning opportunities that are fun, creative and facilitate loving exchanges that show you care!

Melissa Brown MA, CCC-SLP, TSSLD
Speech Language Pathologist

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